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Inspiron 3268 additional cards?

I just got this computer and want to add additional (pci?) Card for firewire and dv capture but how do I do that? The blank slot sizes at the back dont look standard size.
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Re: Inspiron 3268 additional cards?

This only has a PCIe slot.  If you need FireWire you will have to have a PCIe card type.  PCI will not fit.

I have a PCIe FireWire card installed in my desktop as I use it in my recording studio. 


Although the documentation doesn't show it, this appears to be a slim case model and if that is true you will need a "low profile" PCIe FireWire card.



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Re: Inspiron 3268 additional cards?


Just adding data to fireberd post. Below is a picture of the Inspiron 3268 motherboard slots (as shown in the online Inspiron 3268 Service Manual PDF) =
One PCIe x16 slot (#11)
One PCIe x1 slot (#12)



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