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Inspiron 3470, PSU and GPU upgrades

I got my Inspiron 3470 Small Form Factor few months ago. I currently want to upgrade it with an external low-profile graphics card. But it shall not be done because of very low default PSU (200W).

On the other hand, my 3470 motherboard requires 6-pin ATX for general system and 4-pin ATX for Intel CPU.

I have an idea that I will purchase a Basic ATX power supply (e.g Seasonic’s one) with “24-pin to 6-pin adapter cable” (being sold everywhere) to run my motherboard.

Will it work ? Have you tried that way ? Your response is highly appreciated.


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Re: Inspiron 3470, PSU and GPU upgrades

I have not seen the Seasonic model but be sure it will fit your small form case. Is it similar to this one offered at Amazon?


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