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Inspiron 3647, 4k productivity video card?

I'm looking for a card that will run Office smoothly on a 4k monitor. I might be up for some light gaming. I had tried a MSI GTX 1050 TI 4GT LP but the fan was too big. I'm looking for suggestions but I've identified these as possible (if they'll fit):

Radeon HD 5570

NVIDIA GeForce GT 730

AMD RX 550 4GB

Any feedback on what fits, works best with the system, or other options would be greatly appreciated!

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Mary G
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Re: Inspiron 3647, 4k productivity video card?

The important requirement for a video card is the power supply. That budget model 3647 has a tiny 220w psu and cannot run video cards that require larger psu's. You need a low profile video card that will fit in the small case and has a low power requirement. Also make sure the right connectors are available that match the monitor inputs.

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