Inspiron 3650, CPU cooler/heatsink upgrade

Edit: Apologies for the double post of this thread, the last one for some reason was marked as spam, so I resubmitted it and evidently it posted the thread twice, my bad.

I have recently inherited my late grandfather's desktop, and I've seen numerous threads where people have successfully upgraded this particular model to be quite the decent gaming machine, for what it's worth, what with a i7 6700, and possibly even a i7 6700K, 16 GB DDR3L RAM, and commonly either a 1050 Ti, or even a 1080 Ti Mini. What confuses me however, judging by what I've read in a few other threads, is related to changing the cooler/heatsink for the CPU.
Now according to this thread:

"You can't change the heatsink without also changing the mounting bracket - and a standard bracket and heatsink likely won't fit the mounting holes in the board, which are not in standard locations.

If you change the fan, the most common result is a "fan failed" error with each bootup."

Is this true, about the bracket mounting holes being in a non-standard position/layout compared to regular ITX boards? And if you replace the fan, does it have to be a specific type of fan to avoid triggering the "fan failed" error, or is there a workaround for that?

And according to another thread:
"If a fan fails again, you may have to replace it. Caveat: I don't know if both fans have a sensor in it that can trigger a fan failure message or if only the CPU fan has it. 

So if you continue to get a fan failure message, first start by replacing the CPU fan, which has that sensor - unless BIOS indicates which fan failed and/or somebody else knows if the chassis fan has a sensor. And you need a Dell OEM fan because non-Dell fans won't have that sensor and will cause a "fan failure" error at every reboot."

So, if that's the case about the sensors and non-Dell fans not having them, then how come this guy was able to change his fan with a non-Dell heatsink?(Reeves Brontes specifically.) And what about the non-standard mounting bracket? How did he mount it?
"Cooling this case became my new mission. 3 goals: direct cpu cooling, ventilation, and air flow.

Direct cpu cooling: I've tried closed loop water coolers but there is simply not enough room in the case. The best low profile cooler is the Reeves Brontes cooler on Newegg for $30 paired with Arctic MX4 thermal paste."

Can anyone share any insight or personal experience on this? About the fan sensors, fan failure triggers, and the mounting bracket having non-standard placements? I'd greatly appreciate it, thank you for your time~

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Re: Inspiron 3650 CPU Cooler/Heatsink Upgrade

Physical Mounting may be different for a DELL heat sink vs something else.  There is no such thing as one size fits all for all models all years all sizes.

There is a threaded X on the bottom of the motherboard that the heatsink screws into. If its not the same threads for your upgrade then its not going in.  On some dells this is actually molded into the case.

White/Yellow = Tach

Red = +12v

Black = Ground

Blue = PWM





Some Models use 4 wire fans with different wiring than standard.

Others use a different physical connector that requires an adapter.






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