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Inspiron 3668 Desktop, GPU upgrade, GTX 1050 Ti?


Can I install a GTX1050 Ti or GTX 1050 on my Dell Inspiron Desktop 3668?

Intel core i5
8GB ram
1TB drive
Windows 10

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Re: Inspiron 3668 Desktop, GPU upgrade, GTX 1050 Ti?


Unknown. The Inspiron Desktop 3668 240w PSU (power supply unit) was never tested on retail GTX 1050. You would have to get the Dell OEM version =
24K8H Nvidia GTX 1050 (2GB, DP 1.3/HDMI 2.0/DVI-D)
8CCF1 Nvidia GTX 1030 (2GB, HDMI/DVI-D)
8MXMJ Nvidia GTX 750 Ti (2GB, mHDMI/DVI-D/DVI-I)
J27RG Nvidia GT 730 (2GB, HDMI/DVI-D/VGA)

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Re: Inspiron 3668 Desktop, GPU upgrade, GTX 1050 Ti?

Is there somewhere I can find a list of which graphics cards have been tested with which models of Dell computers? Where did you find that list you posted?

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Re: Inspiron 3668 Desktop, GPU upgrade, GTX 1050 Ti?

The issue with 3668 is that the machine has very narrow slot.  The problems with working are PHYSICAL DIMENSIONS as well as POWER USE. Full length cards DO NOT fit into the case.  There are users who use a moddiy adapter and then remove the stock power supply and put a standard unit OUTSIDE the case running the wires thru the hole left behind when the stock unit is removed.

Inspiron 3668 Service Manual PDF HTML

Inspiron 3668 Setup and Specifications PDF HTML

Regulatory Information

Dell Inspiron 3668, Regulatory Model D19M, Regulatory Type D19M003

DELL Regulatory and Environmental Datasheet PDF

EUROPEAN UNION - CE Declaration of Conformity PDF


There is an Ugly hack that allows PSU upgrade.  Its called take internal power supply out and use a MODDIY 24 pin to 8 Pin adapter cable and run the wires to the inside thru the hole left by removing the internal power supply.

Suitable for Dell OptiPlex 3020 / 7020 / 9020 /

Precision T1700

Inspiron 3650



People have been able to make it into a gaming system with a fair GPU.

Even Austin however does not recommend this system for a gaming platform.







The 3650 and 3668 vs 3670 or 3847 or Optiplex 9020.

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