Inspiron 3668, SSD mounting kit

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Hello every one,

What do you call the part number 7 as shown in the picture below ( which hold a SSD)? Where can I buy it? I just need it because I am going to install a SSD to Inspiron 3668. I did find the sata power cable but the mounting thing I didn't. Could you please help me with that?



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Re: Inspiron 3668, SSD mounting kit

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I only find the hard drive caddy for this system. You can call the Dell Spare Parts Department at 1-877-717-3355 to see if they may have it available.

P/N X9FV3 ASSY,BRKT,HD,2.5,CADDY,MT,D7 Hard Drive Accessories Bracket, Hard Drive ASSY Bracket HDD Caddy Medium Tower, 2.5 Inch

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Re: Inspiron 3668, SSD mounting kit

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This is where I would get it.


 You may also need the power cable that goes to the motherboard.

Left side is

 Hard Drive Optical Drive SATA Power Cable P/N KC81G, 0KC81G

Right Side is Dell Inspiron 3653 3650 Hard Drive SATA Power Cable GP2JM




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Re: Inspiron 3668, SSD mounting kit

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Thanks a lot for your help

I did finally find them with your help. 

Thanks to everyone 

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