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Inspiron 3847 Desktop - "Dell Wireless 1705 Bluetooth" not working


I have been having a problem with my bluetooth. I have an Inspiron 3847 Desktop using Bluetooth "Dell Wireless 1705 Bluetooth".

Current situation:

I have been using a bluetooth speaker all along and all of a sudden, my bluetooth fails to neither scan for any devices nor to connect to a paired device.The only thing I can do to make it work is to restart my computer each time which means I have to boot up my computer twice every time I use it.

Remedies taken:

1. Check for updates

2. Reinstall the bluetooth drivers

3. Troubleshoot the the bluetooth, and it says radio issue was detected and fixed. However, bluetooth still does not work.

4. Manually stop bluetooth device through "Service", the "Bluetooth Support Service" is already set as "Auto Startup"

5. Reinstall my anti-virus software just in case it was the reason causing it.

I also check my bluetooth speaker by connecting to my phone and it works. The drivers for my speaker are up-to-date.


Hoping, someone can lend a hand here. Thanks so much!


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Always include version of Windows in your posts. And if this is Win 10, did you recently update to v2004?

Next time BT doesn't scan or connect, open Device Manager and on toolbar select View>Show hidden devices. Now expand list under BT and see if your 1705 BT is listed and then check its Device status.

If 1705 BT has a ! next to it in Device Manager, and/or there's an "Unknown" device listed anywhere in Device Manager, right-click and uninstall that device. Then on toolbar select Action>Scan for hardware changes.

If that doesn't fix it, try this:
Open Device Manager and expand list under USB. Double-click each USB entry and click its Power Management tab, if it has one. Uncheck the box "Allow PC to turn off...". Repeat for all USB entries with a Power Management tab.

Now expand list under Human Interface Devices in Device Manager and uncheck that same box for any HID entry that has a Power Management tab. Exit Device Manager when done.

Next, open the Windows Power & Sleep screen. Click Additional Power Settings. On next screen identify the active Power plan and click Change Plan Settings. On next screen, click Change Advanced Power Settings.

On that last screen, disable Hibernation, Hybrid Sleep, USB Selective Suspend, and PCI Express Link State Management. Save the changes to the Power plan and reboot.


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Hi there Ron,

Thanks for your advice

To reply to your advice, my win 10 is already updated to v2004.

And, after taken all the steps you advised, the problem still exists.



@Kevin0911 -  I can't rule out a BT issue with Win 10 v2004. The 1705 BT driver on Dell's site is from 2016 so it's possible there's a conflict with v2004.

Unless somebody has a better idea, you may want to consider disabling 1705 BT in Device Manager and plugging in a USB>BT dongle...


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It appears that the Inspiron 3847 is not on Dell's list of systems validated for Win 10 v2004.

And there's no updated driver. Read this thread...

So I guess your alternatives are a USB>BT dongle, unless somebody decides to release a new driver for 1705 BT. Or, revert to Win 10 v1909.

EDIT: Or replace the internal WiFi+BT card with something compatible with Win 10 v2004 and offers 802.11 ac so you can use 5 GHz, assuming your router supports both 2.4 and 5 GHz.


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Thanks for your help. Ron


You're welcome... T

Too bad this model isn't being supported for Win 10 v2004. A USB>BT dongle that supports v2004 will be the easiest solution.



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My bluetooth stopped working with the latest Windows 10 version as well.  Changing the driver manually got it to work for me.  I search the Windows update catalog using "" and then download the latest 1705 driver described as "Qualcomm Atheros Communications driver update for Dell Wireless 1705 Bluetooth" version   The download was the file  I unpacked the file using 7-Zip.  I then installed the driver by right clicking on the file "qca_btusb.inf".  After that I went to device manager and updated the driver for the bluetooth device using the "Browse my computer for drivers" option.  When using this option, select "Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer" and then select the "Dell Wireless 1705 Bluetooth Version [10/19/2016]" driver.



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