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Inspiron 530 RAM issue


I have an Inspiron 530 with the G33M02 board Rev A00, Core 2 duo processor, with the latest BIOS 1.0.18, currently 4GB RAM

I realise this machine is over 12 years old now but with a couple of replacement PSU's and a new HDD it's still going strong.

I've read the historic forums and believe it should be possible to increase the RAM to 8GB but it just beeps and won't even enter BIOS when I insert even 1 lone Samsung PC2-5300E-555-12-G3 RAM stick.

Am I missing something obvious? Any help greatly appreciated.




(I hear @shesagordie is particularly knowledgeable on these....)

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Dell's have a long history of memory compatibility with non-Dell branded memory.  One brand/type can work in one and not another of the same model.  Aside from that memory size, it may be one of the incompatible with your PC brands.

I don't know if someone has got more memory than the Dell published spec's to work.  One issue on some models is the BIOS will not recognize it, which sounds like your memory issue.

One last chance, Install the memory and with it powered off and the AC power cord to the power supply disconnected, locate and remove the 2032 coin cell battery for 10 minutes.  Reinstall, reconnect AC power cord and try.  


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Thanks both, looks like I'm stuck with 4GB RAM then

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1x8gb modules are not supported t by the Inspiron530, you need 2x4gb modules, plus you should read the following.
If your 530 was purchased with either a Core 2 Duo, Pentium Dual-Core, or Celeron processor and a 300w power supply, this system usually has a 0RY007/G679R/CU409 [FoxConn G33m02] motherboard, that only supports Core 2 Duo, Pentium Dual-Core and Celeron processors and 4gb of RAM.
If your Inspiron 530 Mini tower was shipped with a Core 2 Quad processor and a 350w power supply, you have the 0FM586 [FoxConn DG33m03] motherboard.
The 0FM586 motherboard can be used for both Quad 4 & Core 2 Duo processors and supports 8gb of RAM. (2x4gb Modules.


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