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Inspiron 530s, CPU upgrade

Hi I have a pretty old computer that I'm looking to make a few upgrades to and I'm just curious to know what's the best possible cpu I can upgrade to? The current motherboard is a foxconn G33M02. Or else if I'm better off upgrading my motherboard could someone give me a list of motherboards compatible with the current case? 




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Re: Best processor upgrade for dell inspiron 530s

Both the Dell case and motherboard are proprietary.  Thus the motherboard will not fit/work in a standard case and same a standard motherboard will not fit in the Dell case. 

To be blunt, considering the age and hardware in the 530S, you would be better off spending $$ on either building a new PC or buying a new PC.  The "S" cases have limited air flow compared to a full size case and thus upgrading may add too much heat.  The power supply is a TFX style and they are limited in wattage and may not support an upgraded CPU.  

I'm sure someone has probably upgraded the CPU in theirs but I don't recommend it. After you spend $$ upgrading you will still have the old hardware and be limited in speed to the memory bus, e.g. a faster CPU will not speed up the memory bus or the compatible memory. 

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Re: Best processor upgrade for dell inspiron 530s


Dell never tested 3rd party motherboards. If you decide to upgrade on our motherboard;

* Best validated CPUs =
N652J Q9650 3.00GHz Yorkfield
N650J Q9500 2.66GHz Yorkfield
N650J Q9400 2.66GHz Yorkfield
C863D QX9300 2.50GHz Yorkfield

* Max ram =
8GB (2x2GB) 667/800 MHz DDR2 (Quad Core CPUs)

* Best validated video card =
F342F ATI Radeon HD3450

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