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Inspiron 545 problems

I should mention, that this is not my main system; however, in a lot of ways still my favourite.  I have pretty much exhausted my ability to determine the problem I am having.  The machine is fairly standard 8GB RAM, 1.5 TB HDD, core 2 Quad G8200, 2.33 GHz.  

My power supply went, I replaced it and have not been able to login since - keep receiving BSOD's (usually in garbled text) with completely different codes each time.  I ran all the extended dell diagnostics many times - no errors.  I disconnected the DVD and installed a different video card - same problem.  I removed the RAM and installed 4GB from another system - same problem.  I removed the HDD and installed a 1TB HDD from another system with W7 installed - same problem.  I removed the HDD completely and ran linux - Knoppix and Ubuntu live - both will freeze at a point (they will run for a while, usually 10 - 15 minutes, Knoppix longer).  I ran HIRENS boot CD and ran XP mini - which runs 100% for days - no problems.  

EDIT:  Sorry, should have mentioned - safe mode doesn't work and not getting a dump file to analyze.

BTW, capacitors all look good on MOBO.  I also cleaned the inside of the machine with compressed air - clean as a whistle.  Am I missing something?  Any other suggestions?  Should I just give up on my old favourite?


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