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Inspiron 5488 AIO, WiFi driver issue

My PC is a Dell Inspiron 5488 AIO with 12 GB Memory, Intel Core i7-7700T CPU, Microsoft Windows 10 Home OS. Intel 8260 7265 3165 7260 3160 WiFi Driver Version fails to install. 

Dell SupportAssist keeps popping up a screen indicating a Recommended Update Intel 8260 7265 3165 7260 3160 WiFi Driver Version is ready to install. However, when I click on "Install," the update appears to download to my PC OK, but then, after attempting to install, the message "Failed" is displayed.

I went through a lengthy Tech Chat session with Dell Support, including a DellConnect session with the tech remotely controlling the attempts to install, but nothing worked.


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Re: Intel 8260 7265 3165 7260 3160 WiFi Driver Version Fails To Install

Windows 10?

Does the WiFi work now?

Open Device Manager and find the entry for WiFi. Exactly which of the five different Intel WiFi hardware models is listed there?

I see a driver for Intel WiFi models 3160, 7260, 3165, 7265, and 8260 on the Support page but it's v20.30.1.8010 (A02) which would be more recent than v19.60.0.7 you were offered.

So possibly the one SupportAssist offered is older than the one you already have and that's why it fails, and/or some recent Windows update makes v19 incompatible...??

Assuming the WiFi hardware you have is among the 5 listed and you have a driver version earlier than, you can manually download the driver from the site and install it yourself.



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