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Inspiron 5675, heatsink?

I was wondering if anyone knew the name of the heatsink in the Dell Inspiron 5675 Gaming Desktop. I am planning on getting an MSI X470 gaming plus and I want to make sure everything fits correctly. 

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Re: Dell Inspiron 5675, heatsink?

It's a Dell OEM heat sink, part #0D07H8 (or D07H8).

If you're planning to use the Inspiron 5675 case, keep in mind that Dell typically uses a customized connector between the front panel and the motherboard. So assuming an MSI X470 gaming plus board actually fits into this case, you'll have to map the connections to the front panel yourself because Dell doesn't make that info public, unless somebody else has mapped them and posted the info somewhere.

And with a new motherboard, you're probably going to need a new license for Win 10, because the OEM license you have now is tied to the Dell board.


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