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Inspiron 5676, GPU upgrade

Hi Dell community

I recently purchased a Dell Inspiron Gaming 5675 Desktop with:

  • Ryzen 7 2700
  • RX 580 4GB
  • 16GB DDR4
  • 1TB HDD

I want to upgrade the RX580 in this pc, but I wanted to know if it was possible, and if there are any limitations on the motherboard or the PSU. Im planning on upgrading to a 1660 Super in the future, which should take less watts to power than an RX 580, but I just wanna make sure. I also want to know if the motherboard will allow me to use the 1660 Super if I do plan on upgrading. Some people said I shouldn't because the PSU couldnt handle it, but after doing some research, the system would only need about 320-350W max if I upgraded to a 1660 Super, while the PSU is 460W. I've seen someone got a GTX 1080 to work on the stock PSU, but obviously that's gonna fail in a few days because the PSU would probably get overloaded, either way the 1660 Super or 1660TI will be enough for me

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Re: Dell 5676 gpu upgrade

Thread title says "5676" but your post says "5675", so which is it?

And Search is your friend...


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Re: Dell 5676 gpu upgrade

Its the 5676, sorry the naming gets confusing between the two

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Re: Dell 5676 gpu upgrade

why not look here see what 600 folks run, but id go 460watt or 500.  or 550watt. extra watts are always  good.

buy a top quality PSU on newegg. 


the 1660 whatever is 120watt max.  super is 125w. not earth shatteringly huge power.

the manual for the card tells you to use a PSU of X size ,did you read that first, its  a  guide line.

id say , but cant see inside your PC and all things connected, but

200w for the main board and things inside, and 150 for GPU is 350 watts, same as you stated.

the card must have a AUX power connector, form PSU to GPU aux jack. or will not run.


open case read tag on PSU

then see if you the AUX power cables are present inside,


ok google finds 1 good photo , and the PSU in there  it has 2 AUX cable. for GPU.

there are vast PSU choices here, that fit. even great DSP digital PSU..

when upgraded any PC consider 500w, at least, below that quality wanes.  and top brands.

Desktops like mine and yours are large, and lots of things fit inside, my has, 2x, m.2 drives, 3 HDD,

those loads need near 100watts all by them self.  I have mine packed to the gills with media.

then the CPU and chipset and friends, need 100watt or more 125watts some. (see how power budgets go?)

for me I cant see your PC and go, gee, you have have 3 cell phone power pack batteries there charging, off USB<  30watts there allow.  The DVD drive needs some too. , the fans and well adding all that up matters

but is not fun. Why not just BUY a bigger, PSU spend $50 and get all you can get. there.

Buy a PSU that fits needs now and even the next upgrade and not need to buy it twice, consider that,.

good luck to you.

PS: the goal is not to BSOD,  for sure 3D GPU , warp 9.  The GPU has large dynamic currents.

Top PSU makes now under rate their PSU,  the cheap makes not.

last, rule 1: the sticker on your current PSU , makes sure the new PSU amps on each rail is greater than or equal.  (buy more 12vdc amps for the GPU)



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