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Inspiron 5680, processor swap?

can you swap out the 13-8100 with and i7-9700k? i know they're both lga1151 socket, 300 series chipset. the big difference is the power consumption. the i3-8100 is 65w and the 17-9700k is 95w. I am running the bios that got posted today 2.3.0 

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yes it has Z370 chipset and LGA 1151 socket, thus motherboard is ready for 9th gen cpu.

the original 5680 spec mentions 8th gen only.

If you look up bios ver. 2.0.7 history it mentions Enhancements:
- Supports Coffee Lake S (CFL-S) Refresh processor.

Coffee Lake S (CFL-S) cpu includes i7-9700k

Edit: I am able to find out the CPU_ID of 5680 latest april bios.  5680 supports the same cpuid as XPS8930.  looks like i7-9700k is good to go.

You will need to change to either AIO liquid cooling or high end air cooler for the k processor.


I appreciate that info. it has helped me decide to go ahead and get it along with a gigabyte RTX2060 OC pro plus more memory. I think my PS is 500 but I will check.

in the immortal words of Joe Dirte

keep on keeping on

Do you know any liquid cooler or high-end air cooler that would work in the Inspiron 5680?

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Have you done the upgrade yet? 

I have a 5680 w/a 1080ti but I am looking to get the i7-9700k for black Friday.  I would like to confirm this CPU works.


In the end, I ended up taking the i7-8700 and my founders 2060 super and building a completely new computer with them. 

However, as long as your 5680’s bios is up to date, it should just work when you install the 9700k. I am not positive about the “k” version, but i am almost certain it will work.

I’m also thinking of buying a 9900k from micro center for $299. 

Just log an entry here:

I made the huge mistake of buying a I9-9900K and it did not work. After attempting to turn it in, I got a black screen saying the CPU was not compatible.

I am getting the i7-9700k next, hoping I can overclock it.

In other news the Noctua NH-D15 fits with the case open, I haven't attempted to close the case yet. I like it open 


Did it work with the i7-9700k ?

Not at all. NOT even with the latest BIOS... 

I ended up building a new PC around the Asus Z390-A platform w/the I7-9700K.

Melhor coisa que vc fez! 

Eu comprei esse processador i7-9700K, não funcionou de jeito nenhum, procurei uma solução mas estou quase desistindo e devolvendo o processador! Já li e pesquisei muito sobre o assunto, a placa mãe do Inspiron 5680 é a Intel Z370 Coffee Lake e portanto é série 300 da Intel, funciona sim com processadores de 8ª e "9ª geração", mas para isso necessitaria ter uma atualização de BIOS (versão 3.0 ou 3.1 ou 3.2), não sei exatamente em qual dessas versões pois eu já pesquisei e não lembro mais, mas acredito que seja 3.1 ou 3.2. Porem a DELL não atualizou a BIOS para essas versões e acredito que nem vá atualizar, ainda está na versão 2.8 (05 dez 2021) e não existe outra maneira de atualizar essa BIOS que não seja através da DELL. Enfim, não vejo solução para esse problema, a não ser fazer um upgrade (de um i5-8400) para o processador i7-8700 ou 8700K, infelizmente! 

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