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Inspiron 5680, replacing cpu steps?

What are the steps that I would need to take to upgrade my cpu? Can I just buy a new cpu or would I need to replace the motherboard? Can I even replace the motherboard? Do I just need to buy a new case and start from there? I'm not planning on buying a new cpu soon. Maybe in a year. However, I don't know what steps I need to take or what cpu, motherboard, or case I should get(if required). I've been looking online for upgrading cpus and motherboards but their all old dell models and I'm not sure if it would work on my 5680. Help would be appreciated.

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"Even completely umodded, the cpu goes up to 100% while the the gpu normally stays around 60%. If you know any ways that I could boost my performance that could help. Thank you.

SURE we can find this out, but. nobody can see your PC, or see what is causing the overload.

again no statement what you are doing , (running) with GPU at 60% is the GPU running 3D APPS of some kind.?

when you boot the PC clean, no apps running, no gaming.

is the task manager showing 100% or 5%  as  it must and not in the middle of some W10 MS update.

is your startup box near empty, ,

why not post a photo when at 100% of the screen at that time, so we can see what processes are running.

TM , the click CPU column

the see what overloads the CPU. at clean boot then at overload CPU.

like me now.  just now, ever do that?  10% jumps 5 to 10 , 10  happen on mine with my best malware app running just 1 second it runs every 10sec. watching me use a browser.


ON PCs loaded to the gills with BLOATWARE (not me)  there well be tons if background junk there,

like Adobe this and that, and called UPDATE processes(even in services), I delete all that, or SUFFER.

only you can learn this and find this junk on any PC and delete all that, you can also use window10 pro to delay

MS updates , so it does NOT INTERFERE with real work you are doing, like GAMING is that the WORK?


to answer your first question how to replace a CPU is told 100% at  99% of noobs doing so wreck the socket, that is SUPER FRAGILE,  oK, I SAY DO NOT DO IT,. or watch the video then ASK , OK?
posted here 10,000 times, here is that answer 1 more time.

NO CPU told by you yet is it the i5-8400  ?????? clearly Intel GEN 8. not chopped liver at all.

the sales add for this PC shows 8th Generation Intel Core i7/i7k  (top)

  1. The PC must support your processor, as must your BIOS and chip set there allow it z370(gen8/9)
  2. Dell must list it , but if not see the next line
  3. read the bench marks and learn what 2600's +  of others did.
  4. NOT overload the PSU nor the heatsink of the CPU nor overload the VRM for the CPU,  (see#1)

they also sell the GEN 9 version of this PC  (ive no idea at all what PC you truly have or CPU now)

Dell Inspiron 5680 Gaming Desktop, Intel Core i7-9700( got this?) IDK.

I guess this word GAMING , has major changes in the PC even special MOBO IDK?

Upgrading any CPU this new will be hard, and very expensive, and you may well damage the socket

but the BIOS on your PS must support the CPU, or it will fail and only dell knows that. (for sure)


OP you never once told anyone what causes the GPU to go high , nor  CPU.

what process.? (post photos) where you gaming , at the time , I CAN'T SEE WHAT YOU DO.

are you going to spend $380 bucks to later find out it is not a slow CPU you have now.?

why do that?, why ever do that, post your processes running at OVERLOAD , really and FOR SURE first.

and my gosh were you gaming then,??> I do not know what you  are doing at the overload,?

also did you know that with W10 you can IN FACT set up priorities of most processes, yah learn how to do that first and gain control of any PC that is slow. ask. (or  google that or ask at forum)

or HERE:

worse yet no GPU CARD STATED,  is there a card there, if  yes what card is it. full spec.


a shot in the dark answer) 1 of a zillion things one can do wrong. (in the OS)

Do you have AV software loaded ,non Microsoft AV , but have 1 or 2 other AV software loaded illegally at the same time and then each one goes to war over the other, MS told you not to do that. As did the other 3rd party AV.





what does that mean ?  hardware./software both, 

no driver changes, no new games loaded, no 3D heavy APPS , editors, video rendering, CAE/CAD/CAM or computer modeling software, running in heavy 3D modes.???? I sure can not guess what you do. sorry.

THE OS IS LIKE SPONGE , we can not guess how far the sponge was drug down the street (WWW)

are you a gamer and all that matters is online gaming and max FPS and no Lag is that you?> unstated


You upgrade your CPU for better performance.  I currently have an i5-8400 with a GTX 1660 in my 5680.  I run everything at HIGH.  I keep my CPU between 40-60% and my GPU I wish I could get it to 100% but due to the CPU, I can't get the results I want.  Let me say though there is NOTHING wrong with what I have or the results I am getting, I'm just after better performance.  Enter the I7-8700.  The 5680 only supports 7th and 8th gen.  I am not into overclocking so the non K will be just fine.  Here is a picture of what I've done so far.  That's a the 1660.  Under it is a 500GB western sata 3 SSD.  What you will see in the next picture I'll post once I am done is a 650w EVGA gold rated fully modular PSU.  I have it as we speak, just don't see any reason to put it in until I get the 8700 and the 2060 super GPU.  Don't be afraid to make adjustments to this 5680!20191114_124635.jpg

For those asking why to upgrade a cpu when asked How to upgrade the cpu, Why ask why. just answer the question as best you can if you know. I suspect some of you have forgotten the love of making your machine better. So,

1) Check the bios version and if lower than 2.1 go to Dell's site and download the newest version which is 2.51 for your 5680.  This is simple,  follow the instructions when asked after opening the file you downloaded. Do not interrupt or shut down the machine until it completes and it reboots. 

2) Disconnect all connections, USB, Video, Keyboard etc. and power, 

3) Make sure you have thermal paste at the ready, you need it.  

4) Open side panel to access motherboard. Use Philips screw driver to loosen the four screws holding the fan assembly down, do a little of each at a time so avoid undo pressure. When all are loose, disconnect the fan power cable and note which side it is on so you can put the fan back on in the same orientation. 

5) Lift the fan assemble out and put it aside, you will have to clean the paste off of this carefully and try not to get it everywhere, it is nasty to clean up particularly off of clothes. 

6) Carefully remove the CPU by pushing the metal arm down and sideways out of it's mount and open the cpu holder to access the cpu itself. Note it is also covered in paste. Lift it out and wipe it off being equally careful not to get the goop everywhere, or wipe it off before removing it. The trick is to avoid getting any paste on the contacts on the other side. You may have to replace this if things go wrong.  Some alcohol swabs might be nice to have handy.

7) put the new CPU in the mount, close the latch to lock it in place and then place new thermal paste on the cpu in any of the approved patterns, X or 4 dots, 2 lines, etc. Not to much, it will spread when you place the fan assemply back on and tighten it down 

Put the fan assembly back on in the same orientation it was in before, and tighten down the screws a bit at a time, not all the way for any individual screw. 

9) reconnect the fans power wire. Note the indentation on one side so it is on correctly.

10) Plug a manual keyboard into a USB port. NOT bluetooth, this will not initiate early enough. 

11) plug the power back in, this may start your computer depending on your bios settings. If not, press the ON button and listen for the fan spin or watch for it and the lights. press the keyboard enter key. You monitor should respond with the DELL symbol. 

12) If this did not work, press button on back of power supply just below the power cord and watch for response. Unplug cord and plug back in to trouble shoot. If all is ok, close it back up and plug all of you stuff back in, If not, you may not have enough power to support your video card and other peripherals. I would review these if needed. 450 watts should work for 1050TI and below NVidia card, I do not know AMD's products requirements. But if you have a Nvidia RTX 2000 series or above you may need more power. 

Hope this helps someone, It has worked for me in one case, and did not work for me on another and I am still waiting for replacement power supply and larger CPU cooler since this second machine is an i7 8700K. Little higher specs and temp.   UnixKorn '!'

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@EVILMAN57 wrote:

 I'm not planning on buying a new cpu soon. Maybe in a year. However, I don't know what steps I need to take or what cpu, motherboard, or case I should get(if required). 

Sorry but they did not ask if they should upgrade the CPU but how.

In a year or so if they feel the need to upgrade the CPU they will know how.

Some people do upgrade a CPU just for overall performance and not for just one program or game.

Just like I upgraded my ZBook's CPU and memory.

Not for any particular program or game just for overall performance.

Best regards,



Has anyone figure out how to run the i7-9700K in the Inspirion 5680?????

I've tried the i9-9900k and that did not work as well, I thought my MoBo by being a Z370 should support 9th gen CPUs....

I tired this and it does not work. The bios level 2.51 says it is compatible, but no one I know has done this successfully. Good luck and if you get it to work, please share with us. UnixKorn '!'


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