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Inspiron 5680, stuck on Aptio Setup Utility


My Inspiron 5680 is stuck on Aptio Ultilty Setup and it says.


It gives me the option to click enter to yes update but doesn't allow me to. How do I fix this?

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I have the exact same issue with my Inspiron 5680. Upon bootup holding down Ctrl + ESC does allow me to select either F2 or F12 but both take me to the Aptio Setup Utility stating ROM IMAGE VERSION is INVALID with the option to Update. But does nothing when selecting Yes to Update. Assume my motherboard is dead? Have found nothing on google besides the above post. I called Dell and explained the issue, since out of warranty February 2019, charge is $99 to try to fix. May just go the route of replacing motherboard instead (upgrading).


I am unable to select Yes to Update.



have you tried reset jumper plug on motherboard to clear cmos settings?

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@Cyrilsmithva - Read my post here.

And I pinged my Dell tech contacts about both threads.


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Was the bios self-updated or if the BIOS update was pushed to your system?  What version of the bios is installed?  

If still under warranty, click the "Get help now" icon on the right to start a live chat session.
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After checking with my son, he vaguely recalls clicking on a Dell update in the bottom right corner.  I can only assume this tried to install an updated BIOS version and then this issue was introduced. No idea what version of the BIOS it was at before the attempted update. 


Re: I can only assume this tried to install an updated BIOS version and then this issue was introduced. 

this happens all the time when Dell recommended BIOS update ruins the bios rendering it not working.  lesson is not to heed Dell bot's recommendation to update bios if pc was running fine.

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Agree 100% to never blindly install Dell updates.  Only install as needed.  Guess my son was sick of getting the annoying popup message. And now I have a dead computer. I guess I will await for any feedback from Dell Technicians before moving forward with a replacement motherboard.  

Seems Dell should be on the hook for this, even though its out of warranty.  They deliver a software 'fix' (regardless of their fine print (if there was any) ) that cripples a customer's computer, and now for Dell to analyze and repair it (replace motherboard) the charge is $290 for parts/labor/shippping.  smh

Thanks for all the feedback/suggestions.

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@sharkyheh  - You can read Dell's policy position on failed BIOS updates here. It varies depending on whether the PC is in or out of warranty

I see @DELL-Jesse L just asked the same questions I did, so they are looking into this issue.


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