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Inspiron 620, CPU upgrade, i5-2400?

Hello I have a dell Inspiron 620 with core i3 2120 and want to upgrade my cpu to core i5 2400 and was wondering if that’s okay and if I can use the same cpu fan for the new cpu (sorry for weird spelling I don’t know much about computers)


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my family's Dell Inspiron 620 desktop pc came with an intel i5-2310 CPU in late 2011 and later upgraded it to an i5-2500 several years later in late 2016 and up the RAM from 6Gb to 8Gb

now all that's left is to replace the 1Tb western digital HDD with a very good quality SSD to improve performance further - currently running Win10 LTSC 2019 and no longer using Win7

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Thanks to everyone that replied, but I ended up not dealing with the pc and sold it at the time.

Ended up saving money and building my dream pc.

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