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Inspiron 660

Has anyone updated an Inspiron 660 to Windows 10, ver 2004 using Windows Update

I have basic original 660, no video card, currently has 1909. Originally this was a W7 Dell, and has had every W10 OS update using Windows Update since Feb 2016. No clean installs. 

Still gets the 'once it's ready for your device' message in Windows Update (for 2004).  

July 2020 Adduplex stated that only 11.6% of Windows 10 computers worldwide had version 2004. 

1903 support ends Dec 8, 2020 & 1909 support ends May 22, 2021. 


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I later install the driver updates that were listed in Windows Update. These were the same ones that I saw listed on Dells website for my 660. It's been 8 days; and my Dell Inspiron 660 seems to be running OK with v2004. 


hi Wayne345.

you're gonna have to wait a while (about a month or two) until Microsoft actually lifts the 2004/20H2 upgrade blocks because of outdated Conexant audio drivers.

don't know if MS will lift the restrictions next week

Windows Update had always offered W10 upgrades thru 1909 in a timely fashion. Then nothing for 8-months after v2004 rollout. On December 2 2020 I used a v2004 ISO DVD to upgrade v1909 to v2004. 

Today I noticed v20H2 was available in Windows Update. 15 minutes later my 2012 Dell Inspiron 660 had v20H2 installed. I'm the original owner of this Dell, and it seems to be running just like new. 

All 5 driver updates below were successfully installed via Windows Update, as can probably be seen in my earlier post. Trying to reduce image size.



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