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Inspiron Desktops, need more sales site memory options

There should be a choice of choosing how much ram memory you want or need on the website available of 8 GB, 16 GB,  or 32 GB . I know that the xps desktop is full customizable on choices but the inspiron desktop should have ram memory customizable at least on a website of the person's needs

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Re: Customization of ram memory for insprion desktops

That's one of the down-sides of purchasing a pre-built PC. Very few/any OEMs offer many optional upgrades these days, especially on lower cost (eg, Inspiron) models.  And there's nothing to stop you from buying additional RAM, either from Dell Spare Parts or from 3rd parties (eg, crucial.com) and installing it yourself after you get the PC. Won't affect the warranty at all...

Since this is mainly a user-to-user forum, you might want to re-post your recommendations in the Customer Care forum.




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Re: Customization of ram memory for insprion desktops

My 3670 Insprion came with 12GB of dual channel memory. Which was a better option than only the 8GBs I saw at most places.

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