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Inspiron G5 5000, misleading sales page image, heatsink

As many of us who have purchased an Inspiron G5 5000 Gaming Desktop were clearly mislead by the heatsink images on the product page. I would like to know if anyone was able to get any help from Dell support? My experience is that support just goes in circles, not addressing the real problem here. Was anyone able to get any satisfactory answers, or is the only recourse a product return?


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Do you think Dell would mess their clients like that?  I just bought the PC 4 months ago.

@Mokajavablack if you got the same tiny CPU cooler as many of us, then yes, you have been duped like we were. The pictures they put on the product page showing a big cooler are misleading advertising. Those of use who paid for non-K CPUs did not get what the product page led us to believe we would get. Opening support cases would at most get your cooler replaced with one of the same model, as other people have reported on the forum. They won't send you the bigger cooler.

Either that or their system engineers have no idea what they're doing. The cooler that came with my i9 10900 is something even an inexperienced PC builder would not put on a 10-core 5.2GHZ beast of a processor. It thermal throttled at light load and never reached the full speed & power I paid for. I had to invest more money to be able to achieve the computing power that was advertised to me and that I paid for.

using other brands how is dell new mobo or system good for gaming

@wali3211 once I've upgraded the coolers (I ended up with 5 total fans, lol) and used ThrottleStop to remove the turbo boost limits on power and time, my system (i9 10900F, RTX3070, 64GB RAM) runs games really well. I play mostly flight simulators, which are CPU-heavy and I see a significant improvement from my old MSI gaming laptop, which had an i7-7850). The CPU never throttles, since the temps never go above 65 in gaming, so it runs at max full-core speed all the time. It's a good machine, but too bad I had to spend extra money to get the power I originally thought I was getting when I bought it.

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We hope you are well. We can see that you are still facing issues with the AWCC after the reinstall. We can try a few more troubleshooting steps over a remote session. Do get back to us at the earliest. 



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