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Liquid Cooled G5 part 2




i posted a few weeks ago about how i water cooled the dell g5 with proprietary motherboard and wanted to show a few other cooling mods i made, furmark gpu stress test now gets 3060 ti  to around 70 max and i7 10700f to around 60 max under intensive load. Here’s pics.

i added a second Noctua NF-A9x14 to the radiator for push/pull config and another of the same fan ziptied to the front of the fan for intake.

i also added the original 80mm stock exhaust fan above the front noctua fan for a second intake.


currently running the 2 noctua fans connected to the radiator AND the AIO pump to the CPU FAN header using 2 Y splitters, a little risky i know but it’s been stable i’m waiting on a hub right now.

other two intake fans connected to Y splitter connected to FAN SYS


had multiple STORES such as best buy and other electronic stores tell me it was impossible but i did so

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Good work!!

That is a nice AIO cooler.  If I had a G5 or XPS 8940 that would be the first mod I would do, to liquid cool the CPU with either the Asetek 645LT or the Corsair H60.  The Asetek unit's 92mm profile would be an easier install.

That AIO pump should be running 100% so use a SATA to 3/4 pin fan adapter and connect the pump directly to the PSU using a spare SATA connector.   Then run the two fans on the AIO off that CPU fan header using the Y splitter.

The upper intake and lower intake fans are good off that other header using a Y splitter as well.   They don't draw a lot of power so should be no problem at all.

Thanks for the pictures.


Any particular reason why you didn't use the AIO in the upper intake position?

@HanoverB There are no vents on the top of the G5 case. Putting a rad/fan there means cutting the metal. 

Great work, @SoColdChris!


I should be more clear on that position. 

Upper front intake position where the HDD bracket is on the G5.  Once you move the HDD to a different location you can use that area for an intake fan or AIO cooler,  The grill work there is substantial and in addition, the front bezel has slats for airflow unlike the XPS 8940 which has a solid piece of plastic.  You should get lower temps using the AIO in the intake position as well as balancing case pressure at the same time.

Downside is the Asetek units are more expensive and no one has attempted to install the Corsair H60(2018) AIO.   Would take some trial fitting, maybe the current printed fan install brackets available might help.....the Asetek unit should fit more easily there in that front intake position. 

Hey man sorry for the late reply, In all honesty I just figured a push/pull config which is what I wanted with the single 92mm setup would be too heavy for zip-ties. I could have gone with some case modification but with everything a little hectic right now I figured the few degree difference was worth only having to put in half the effort lol. My idle CPU temps are normal around 30-40 but my load temps went from 100c instantly with stock cooler on and not even very intensive games to never even hits 70c in any situation. The few front intake fans helped with the suffocation of the GPU also because the hotspot temps after adding intake fans went from around 105 to 85.

GPU temp as a whole also now stays around 60-70c

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