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Pc turning on and off

So I have a Inspirons 660s and when I turn on my computer the power button flashes orange then the computer turns off. I tested the power supply with a paper clip and it was running fine. Any thoughts?

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Paper clip test of psu just means it can power on by itself without a load, but does not confirm it is still working (in the sense that it can provide correct voltage to turn on a pc).  Flashing amber power button is non specific and can be due to corrupted CMOs, bad motherboard or failing psu.  Try first replace CMOs battery with a brand new one and clear CMOs settings by jumper reset on motherboard. If no change then try test motherboard using a spare working 24/4 pin ATX psu if available. you can use any ATX psu pulled from another working desktop.

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I used a spare psu and it just does the same thing.

Have you tried replacing CMOs battery and clear CMOs jumper reset?

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Have you counted the blinks, which are an error code?


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It blinks once

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1 blink = BIOS ROM Checksum in progress or failure.

If you get the same blink code after installing a fresh battery, this could be a motherboard issue.

When you remove the old battery, be sure to press/hold power button on PC for ~30 sec before installing the fresh one. Then close up, connect only mouse, monitor and keyboard and see what happens.

If you're lucky, it boots up normally...


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It just does the same thing.

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Forcing Power supply on does not indicate power supply is ok.  Blinking amber power button indicates Bad Power Supply or missng connections for the EPS12v connector and or bad hardware.   Solid amber power button indicates dead motherboard.  There are NO soft fixes for physically bad hardware.


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