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I have a Dell inspiron PC with 8GB ram and W10. The machine has been bullet proof.

Recently, I decided to upgrade my RAM from 8 to 16 GB. However, when I tried to boot up I experienced the following message; (Black Screen)

START PXE OVER 1PV4 (and then) START PXE OVER IPV6 (and then) Auto Repair (doesn't repair!).

I removed the new memory but the problem continues.  It is sometimes temporarily resolved by switching off the machine and reseating the original memory card from one slot to the other.

Searching on line for a solution, it has been suggested that changes have been made in the Boot Menu that need reconfiguring or that I should disable IPV4 and IPV6 and that will solve the problem.

I’ve tried both of these options and nothing has worked.

Boot Menu order is; SAMSUNG, Ipv4, Ipv6, Windows Boot Manager.

I don’t know what has happened but I’d certainly appreciate a way to resolve it.




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If you don't want EasyBCD to do it for you, here is the manual entries.  Run Command Prompt as Administrator

BCD C Drive.jpg

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Hi Fireberd,

Thnaks for the additional info. Its not that I didn't want EasyBCD to do it, its just that I am not clear on exactly how to use it and there does not appear to be a relevant tutorial covering my needs. Specifically, it wasn't clear from the menu which option I actally needed and I was also concerned that if I did change the boot order then the machine would not start, as for some reason it only boots with boot manager in second place. I guess I could always change it back should that happen.. Thanks again. Steve


Hi Ron,

So this is what happened;

1) Because the machine has been consistently not starting, it has been left on all week.

2) USB stick arrived and medai creation tool downloaded and installed. All very easy.

3) Machine switched off last night and started up this morning. Went straight into auto repair mode. Switched off. Installed USB, hit F12 and in F12 UEFI mode it shows (in order); samsung, wbm, ipv4, ipv6 and then USB. I selected USB and basically nothing happens. USB is fine, but there is no light appearing on the stick to indicate that it is being used. In short, could not start up from this method.

4) Took out USB, unpluggeD machine and opened it up to gain full access, hit the power button and it started right up! Don't understand why this happens, but I'm grateful that it does. Can't see any trapped or damaged cables though, so I'm not sure why it is more likely to start when opened up, than  closed. 

A mystery. What do you think?

Thanks again



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Sounds like a cable may be pressing against an installed component and unseating it.  Re-seat cards, RAM modules, heat sink, CPU fan, chassis fan, etc. Make sure all cables are fully/firmly connected to motherboard, fans, drives etc, and not hitting any component when the case is being closed.

As for not booting from USB, look in BIOS setup to see if there's an option to allow USB booting and enable it. Then try booting from USB again, just to make sure that will work.


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HI Ron,

"Sounds like a cable may be pressing against an installed component and unseating it".

Even though this has already been done, I have to agree that the problem could still be in this area. To that end I have reseated every cable and connector and in doing so found that 1 cable to the SSD was looser than I expected. I have cleaned and repositioned that cable to take some of the pressure away from the connection, when the case is closed back up and the machine has restarted twice without concerm.

This can happen though and again in a few days, or even in an hours time the problem could return. However, it would do no harm to replace that cable either.


As for booting from USB, I did enable that option but it didn;t work. Only tried this once and it is there ti try again, should I need it. Not sure what happened, but if all else fails, I will give it another go.

Thanks again for your help, I'll keep you posted.

Kind regards



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Just replace that cable and be done with it...


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I will. I just hope that it is the cable. If it is, then it must have been a coincidence that it happened when the ram was changed.  However, you can't argue with the fact that the machine tends to work only when the access door is open. I will keep you posted..! Thanks again. Your support has been very much appreciated. Regards Steve.


Hi Ron,

Just to say, problem solved! Thank you for your time and advice and helping me work the problem. No issues since following your last recommendations. Really pleased. Kind regards Steve

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i am facing the same ...HI i got new laptop5420 dell i am trying to install win10 through network no response i tried  through dock also its just show start pxe over ipv4  and shows no bootable devices found could you pls assist me guys

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Hi, sorry to hear. I'm no expert, but the guys who helped me are and if you have a simlar issue I would advise you read through the history saved above as about every option was either discussed or tried here until we found out that the problem was a dodgy cable. One thing I would say though, if its new, get in touch with Dell first. Good luck!

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