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Unable to format Dvd+R as Live File System

I have an Inspiron 3847 with a "TSSTcorp DVD+-RW SH-216DB" Dvd writer running Windows 10 Version 1909 build 18363.476. I tried to format a blank (unused) DVD +R disc as a Live File System and got an error "Windows was unable to complete the formatting". I am trying to understand why. First I have done this 20 times in the last 4 years using the same desktop and Dvd Drive without a problem. I am using a blank disc from a pack of 50 which have previously been Ok. I tried a second disc and got the same error. I then got my laptop out an Inspiron 3580 with an internal Dvd drive running Windows 10 Version 1909 build build 18363.476, I tried to format a third blank Dvd on this and got the same error. I can read Dvd on both machines without a problem. Both machines had the latest updates at the time and I used the Dell site to be check that all drivers were up to date. I was about to go and buy a new Dvd drive when I realised I have not formatted a Dvd since I upgraded Windows 10 to Version 1909.
I have searched for other people with a similar problem but have not found anything.
Does anybody have any suggestions.

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Re: Unable to format Dvd+R as Live File System

your first time at bat using DVD_r ..

is that it, sorry we don't format any DVD-r or DVD_+R media (fat32,ntfi,exFAT) no we do not.


ok you are using the wrong word, format i get that. use  the word BURN. (avoid NERO, malware)

why not just tell what the end goal is, DVD can be mastered VAST WAYS,

what is the end goal, just  tiny clue. please just tell that.

DVD can be a disk full of files, any fails even backups. burnt. DVD+R is one time burn, no 2nd time)

write once, read endless. times.

DVD can be burned to play just MP3 music in files.

DVD can be burned to put on the W10-64bit ISO

DVD can be burned with and image of a movie disk (complex ask, )

DVD can be burned other ways, but I will not list them all , lacking your GOAL not once hinted.

what I use is IMGBURN,  a free app and is 100% bug free, I've used it for a decade or more, IDK.

use this tool and win,  the best tools IMO is free app. like above.


I guess you are trying to use the built in window10 way of burning DVD, that I have never ever found to be reliable. ever.  I would  never try. when the ABOVE NEVER FAILS, (good media, drive not bad)

100% effective and SAFE 100% here



use it and win.

your DVD drive Tst is 8 years old, so keep that in mind, it is long in tooth ever clean the dusty optics out first?

i for one do not know if MS supports this old drive, at all,  (2012 drive) does it show up in device manager with no errors? DVD drives are not easy to test.



I am not Dell, I am retired from this industry since 2009,
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Andy Mck
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Re: Unable to format Dvd+R as Live File System

I used the word format because that's the word in the error message. What I am trying to do is use the Dvd to store files in such a way that I can add to it on different occasions and then keep it forever.
When I load a blank Dvd and click on it in File Explorer I select the option to initialise it as a "Live File System".

I know my desktop and its Dvd drive are over 4 years old and if I only had the problem on them I would have bought a new drive.
But when it also happened on my new laptop bought earlier this year, I wondered if there was a different reason for the failure.

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Re: Unable to format Dvd+R as Live File System

Buy an external hard drive for file saving and backups instead of using dvd's. Many new computers do not have dvd drives since the tech is becoming obsolete just like floppy drives. If you did get it to work it would be extremely unreliable as a file save system. Dvds are best used for video. DVD+R are not re-writable. DVD+ RW are rewritable but they never worked very well when rewritten.


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