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100 Disk and 100 CPU(sometimes) usage

I have -

Dell Inspiron 5567

Intel CoreTM i7-7500U

RAM - 16 GB


When i bought my laptop, in starting days it's running quite well but after few days in task manager it shows disk usage 100% with or without any running application so I run my drivers update some of them are updated(i updated according to the order given by DELL on there website) but the disk usage remain 100%, after that i made my windows disc image via MICROSOFT TOOL(on my same computer which have problem and also it's genuine Windows 10) so after successfull disc image i deleted my entire disk data(to get fresh start) and after installation of windows 10, i again visited DELL DRIVER CENTRE to download DRIVERS and I have installed each and every drivers in order as recommend by


http://www.dell.com/support/article/in/en/indhs1/sln148687/how-to-reinstall-drivers-in-the-correct-o... i made single restart after single installation of driver as it required by DRIVERS.

at last i updated every drivers and after that i checked for WINDOWS UPDATE and updated also

now my laptop have updated drivers and windows updated but when i run any software to install or browsing task manager shows 100% disk usage 

then i fully diagnose my laptop by DELL <Service tag removed>

and after scanning nothing error or issue found 

so i visited dell technical support and followed their instruction as given by their officials



and yes my  AHCI driver is iaSTARA.sys  not storahci.sys , so no issue with AHCI driver 

now i made each and every possible way to get rid off from 100% disk usage

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Re: 100 Disk and 100 CPU(sometimes) usage

It is totally normal for Win 10 to go off on tangents and run the system at high usage for certain periods of time.  It may last 30 minutes and mine just did it last night.  When I checked the Process Monitor I saw TIWorker was involved.  That process will go through all the files on the system and verify each one, which takes some time.

If it isn't that, it might be some sort of scan, but the point is you have to try to track down what is causing the usage.  Process monitor is the best way I know of to do that.  Filtering the listings by the most active process will usually give clues as to what is happening.


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