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12V adapter

I have bought a 12V laptop adapter for my inspiron 5570, the 220V adapter has output value of 19.5V 3.3A, the 12V one has either 19 or 20V both at 4A, I tried both settings but without success: says it's connected but doesn't there anything I can do to make it work?

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You'll need to check to see if Dell has an adapter for DC power for your system - a third party adapter will not work.  If there is no officially supported Dell adapter, the other option is a DC to AC inverter that will allow the use of the OEM AC adapter.  Third party adapters will power the system, but the OEM adapter is required to charge the battery.



I would be fine if it does power the system, but it doesn't, do I have any way to work it around?

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That's something you'll need to ask the manufacturer.  Non-OEM AC adapters will usually power the system but not charge the battery;  assuming the plug you have is correct, I'd expect the same of a DC power supply, unless it's either defective or somehow not compatible.


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