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15 7000 gaming raid/achi ?

Anyone ever change this with any trouble? Anyone know why Dell uses raid mode ?


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Re: 15 7000 gaming raid/achi ?

Could you be specific about the model of your system?

Dell uses the RAID mode because the M.2 slot is dual purpose, for SATA or NVMe drives.  When it is set to RAID, the M.2 slot uses the Intel Rapid storage controller.


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Re: 15 7000 gaming raid/achi ?

See this thread for a discussion of what the difference is and why Dell uses RAID mode as the factory default.  Basically, RAID mode is required to use certain configurations that Dell ships systems with, such as Optane and actual RAID setups, and since it has no downsides that are relevant to Dell's build process, they just standardize on RAID across the board, even when it isn't actually needed.  The only real downsides to RAID mode are that it can't be used for Linux and you can't use tools like Samsung Magician, but Dell ships very few Linux systems (although the ones they do ship would come in AHCI mode), and Samsung Magician can only be used on Samsung retail SSD models anyway, not the OEM models that would come from Dell.  And then sure you might need to supply the Intel RST driver when installing the OS, which AHCI mode doesn't require, but incorporating one extra driver obviously isn't a problem for Dell's automated build processes.

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