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1570 - Slow wifi (Even after uninstalling smartbyte)

Hi, Got a brand new laptop and had problems with wifi speed. Then, after a little search, I found the SmartyByte program might cause this and people got great results after uninstalling it. So I have uninstalled it (there were 2 programs in add/remove menu, uninstalled both.) However, problem still persists. Best Speedtest result I could get was 5 Mbps in download. We have 2 more laptops and mobile phones at home and they all work well with same WiFi.

*I have tried to use my mobile data as hot spot and speed was good on new Dell.

* I haven't tried the laptop on another wifi network.

* Updated bios, every driver suggested by update assistant.

* Ran the diagnostics (normal and stress test) in Dell Support Assist program, everything is fine.

So, any ideas?

Thanks in advance

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Re: 1570 - Slow wifi (Even after uninstalling smartbyte)

Just curious, have you checked to see if Smartbyte was auto reinstalled again?  Dell SA will install programs you have uninstalled if they are available for your system.

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Re: 1570 - Slow wifi (Even after uninstalling smartbyte)

Yes, forgot to mention that. I have read it comes back for some users in previous posts here so checked that too from Add/Remove Programs list. It has gone for good.

Since it is fast when I use my mobile as hot spot, may be something is not right with too many devices connecting to modem? There are 6 phones, 1 tablet, 3 computers other than this new one so may be some IP assign problem? 

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