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5584 m.2 slot for Wifi - PCIE or CNVio?

I just purchased a 5584 shipped late this August with the 8th generation i5-8265U. The wifi card that Dell ships it with is the Qualcomm DW1810. I want to upgrade to the Intel 9560, but I see there is an issue for some as the 9560 uses CNVio. The 9260 is listed as the PCIE version. 

I have searched my Dell manuals and books for this model. All Dell says about the wifi slot is that it is a 2230. It doesn't specify if it's PCIE or CNVio capable. I would just go with the 9260 and be done with it, but in the same manual, where it lists the different wifi cards shipped with this system, they list the 9560. This makes me wonder if this means that I can run a CNVio card? This is an 8th gen Intel chip, not a 7th gen, so which is it? Is this model capable of running CNVio card or not? Thank you. 

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Glad to hear that you verified what I said in my first post.

"The slot should be Type M.2: CNVio compatable."

And in my second post  that your laptop had drivers for the 9560.

"Also look at your "Network" drivers."

It was not hard to tell that the card was CNVio compatable.

Since that was the only Interface ARK had listed for that card.





I installed the 9560 card and it works flawlessly. This means that the Inspiron 5584 with the gen 8 i5-8265 processor is CNVio capable. Again, I wish Dell would make this clear in the literature for the laptop. 


If the motherboard was shipped with a PCIe card, I would stay with that.  Otherwise, check the processor on the Intel site for its specifications.

Do you know the difference between CNVIo and PCIe cards?  If you want a new Wi-Fi adapter, you might try the AX200 but it needs an AX router to get full speeds, as does the 9260.  


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I wish Dell would specify. I checked on the motherboard of this 5584 and it does appear to only have the E slot pin, not the A & E. I can install the Intel 9560 since it only has the E pin slot. I have ordered one and can update once I receive it. 

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I cannot find any internal Inspiron 5584 reference to CNVio?


These are the Inspiron 5584 validated OEM M.2 Wireless cards =

VHXRR M.2 Intel AC 9560 Wifi (802.11ac)/Bluetooth 5.0
1275K M.2 Intel AC 9462 DB Wifi (802.11 ac)/Bluetooth 5.0
D4V21 M.2 Dell Wireless 1820 QCA61X4A Wifi (802.11 b/g/n)/Bluetooth
YCM9R M.2 Dell Wireless 1707 Wifi (802.11 b/g/n)/Bluetooth
V91GK M.2 Qualcomm QCA9377 Wifi (802.11 ac)/Bluetooth 4.2

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The service manual does not specify. That is why I posted here. I don't know what motherboard Dell uses and if it is capable of CNVio. I do wish that the service manual was specific. 

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Welcome to the Dell Community  @JackBeeNimble 

Since you know that the 9560 is an option:

The slot should be Type M.2: CNVio compatable.

As that is the only interface that the Intel® Wireless-AC 9560 lists and uses.

As this is a newer interface I have not had the pleasure or displeasure of working with it yet.

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Log on to support and type in your model number and SERVICE TAG NUMBER, Then download your SERVICE MANUAL, that should give you the information you need.

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