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5759 BIOS update in recovery not possible - "BIOS update Failed, rebooting system"


I have Inspiron 5759 on which BIOS update "din't went well". Now after clicking power button i only hear vent starting gently. No POST, no LED sygnals. Dead.

I've made a rescue USB with 3 BIOS version named as it is in instruction.

System is recognizing USB because with out the stick, it blinks 3x3 after CTRL+Esc. But with prepared pendrive, Rescue Mode starts.

Problem occurs when i click to restore BIOS. On older 130 version, after cliking Continue, there is only blank screen. Nothing more. When i use renamed 170 file, for a 1/10 of a second i can see "updating firmware" info, and after, red text: BIOS update failed.

Is there any other way to rescue device without messing up with hardware?

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