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7567 CPU clock speed drops to 1.4ghz under load

Just bought this laptop 4 months ago, at first when playing rainbow six siege its fps can go up to 80-90 fps easily. However, recently with the same settings it drops to 30 fps occasionally and constant around 55-60 fps. I noticed my cpu usage was running at 100% all the time when gaming. GPU usage was at 70-80%.

specs: i7-7700hq, gtx1050ti

To identify my problem i did AIDA64 stress test.

First 30sec, temp hiking from 50c-97c, CPU usage 100%, freq 3.4ghz

After 30sec, temp dropped from 97c-70c, CPU usage 100%, freq 1.4ghz

Any help will be deeply appreciated, ive been trying all kinds of method to fix my fps in game, tried reinstall drivers etc.. sorry for my english



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Re: 7567 CPU clock speed drops to 1.4ghz under load

It is Power Limit Throttling. It happens when the GPU is pulling too much power and so the CPU throttles down to keep performance stable.

I couldn't remove power limit throttling completely but now "with" power limit throttling, the frequency is around 2.54Ghz. Open Intel XTU and undervolt the cpu as shown in the link given below--- 

XTU settings : https://imgur.com/a/lu7nKq7 


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