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Amazon Laptop warranty in South Africa

Hi, I just bought a Dell i7577-5241BLK-PUS Inspiron from Amazon. Do I transfer the warranty to my country, South Africa, or do I have international warranty for this laptop?

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Re: Amazon Laptop warranty in South Africa

There are several requirements for a warranty transfer:

1. The system model must be sold in South Africa.

2.  You must have purchased (or now purchase) through Dell, a minimum 1-year upgrade to onsite service.  The basic 12-month depot warranty does not apply internationally.

3.  You must register the system in your name.  If purchased direct from Amazon, see here:


If it was purchased from a storefront on Amazon, contact the seller for assistance transferring the system.  Some system are sold grey-market (imported through non-Dell official sources).  These are generally orphans - they are not supported by Dell anywhere.


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