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Another Inspiron 7559 hinge issue.

So we purchased this computer a few years ago. We had an issue with the left hinge. This was not a cheap laptop, so we called in and made a report of it. We were told that "it must have been dropped and is not covered by warranty." It was never dropped, but I needed it replaced so I ordered a new laptop from another vendor. I recently pulled this system out as I was cleaning my lab. 

I looked up the model and the first thing I find is HUNDREDS of users reporting the same thing. Broken left hinge, called in to have it repaired and accused of dropping it so no dice. I worked at dell, had all of the ol' DCSE tickets (circa 2006). So I decide to see what the cause was. I start looking around and most people are reporting a simple missing screw, I take mine apart and find the exact same issue

It looks like they either added to little or no loctite on these screws, the hinges take quite a bit of force to open and the mount is divided into 3 sections with the bracket in the middle. One of these is just straight up missing a screw. I checked and all of the other screws on the back mount (2x5mm) are loose. At this point the case is damaged due to the hinge issue, the wireless cables have been sheered off for the same reason. 

This wasn't a cheap system. It had a 4k touch screen, a GTX960 and upgraded CPU. This system should have lasted a good long time. Even if the hinge issue was a big problem and you didn't want to tell consumers. It would have been worth your time to at least stop blaming customers and just take the hit on repair and put out a better mount in the background that covered this issue. 

I am sad to see the lack of customer service from the current dell techs. As a previous Dell On Call technician I know the standards I set for customers were MUCH higher. I would like to see you make this right, but I am sure this will be lost in many similar complaints. 

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Re: Another Inspiron 7559 hinge issue.

I had the same issue. I had only bought Dell notebooks since the late 90s and this issue with the 7559 hinge really irked me. They said it wasn't covered under warranty and was normal wear & tear. I finally bought an Asus a few months ago and couldn't be happier. Build quality is great as is the customer service. I only came to the dell message boards to find information to fix my old notebook before selling it on ebay.
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