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Audio and video periodic pulse noise in my inspiron 15 5000

I brought a Dell Inspiron 15 5000 (which runs Win 10) since January, so it's only 8 months. 

At first, I noticed there was a pulse sound every time I scroll down Facebook page while playing Facebook videos, but Youtube videos were fine once I closed the Facebook.

Now, the pulse noise appears roughly every second when I play just any forms of videos and audios online and offline. It even appears when I play games, and when I recover my system (with the female voice notification). Online videos also appear to have a very small lag for less than 0.1 second. 

Apparently, I tried recovering my system and remove everything, doesn't work;

Troubleshoot a few time, doesn't work;

Tried uninstalling Dell Assist and Customer Center, the anti-virus thing that comes with the system (forgot the name), as somebody suggested online, doesn't work;

Tried uninstalling and installing RealTek high definition sound drive, doesn't work;

Tried changing dcp latency, doesn't work;  

Tried turning my laptop back to the factory setup; doesn't work.

Hence I suspect it's a hardware issue. I'd try to avoid reinstalling/recovering the system at this point without any solid solutions, I just got a lot of software installed.

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