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BIOS Update Failure - 7 beeps


I'm a Brazilian Dell User.

Recently, my Inspiron i14-5452-D03P reported the availability to perform a BIOS update.

After downloading the update file from Dell website, I started the process, with both battery and AC cable on.

After a few minutes, the computer OS completely froze for more than 20 minutes. Neither the mousepad nor the keyboard were functioning, and I had to shut the system down, as nothing else would occur.

So now I guess the BIOS is corrupted, and as I push the power button, a 7 beep alarm is played by the system. The screen is completely black, the power indicator blinks a few times.

Is there any way I could recover the Motherboard? I saw a few people saying a 7 beep warning is about CPU issues, but I dont think thats the case here.

Thanks in advance.

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