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Battery compatibility Inspiron 15 3567

I need to replace my laptops battery.

Laptop is 3+ years old and I don't have a warranty, so dell is asking me absurd amounts of money  for replacement of better (₹5000+; 2000+ for service FOR A POP UP BATTERY REPLACEMENT).


I am unable to find an original replacement battery for my laptop and I'm there are very few 3rd party compatible options too.


So I wanted to know if all 3000 series have the same battery or of they are all different. There are a lot of options that say "compatible with 3000 series" not my model in perticular.


Thanks in advance.


PS. From the bottom of my heart, <Profanity removed>

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Re: Battery compatibility Inspiron 15 3567

The batteries are not universal - you need one for your specific system.


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