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Black screen in Windows 10 dual booted with Ubuntu

My computer (Dell Inspiron 5558) is dual booted, with windows 10 and ubuntu. Normally, when I power my system on, the grub menu comes up and I select windows from it. The first option in the menu is ubuntu, which is selected automatically if I don't select anything. Since yesterday, everytime I power my system on I see a black screen, no dell logo, no grub menu, and after a while ubuntu turns on. Ubuntu works without any errors.

If I change the grub menu configuration such that Windows will boot if I don't select anything, I see a black screen indefinitely. I tried changing the order in the grub menu to 1. Windows 2. Ubuntu; and upon startup pressed Down key and Enter, this also led me into Ubuntu.  It is almost as if the grub menu is there but it isn't being displayed. Basically, booting into Windows shows a black screen with no cursor, and booting into Ubuntu (if I can find my way through the invisible grub menu upon startup) works normally. 

Is there any way to correct this without wiping and reinstalling everything? Also, could it be a hardware issue? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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