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Brand new Inspiron 7577 slow m.2 drive

I just got my Inspiron 15 7577 2 days ago. Can anyone explain to me why it takes 20 seconds to boot from cold on a 256GB PCIe NVMe m.2 drive with a clean install of Windows 10? 

My wife has a several year old Toshiba Satellite with an i5-5200 cpu and 8GB ram running Win 10 x64. It had a very slow 1TB HDD and operations on it were very slow. I got tired of the sluggish performance and within the last 6 months, bought a Samsung Evo 250GB SATA drive, cloned the old HDD, and swapped out the HDD for the Evo. This Satellite absolutely flies now. It boots in 6 seconds and operations on it are remarkably fast.

So how in the heck can my brand spanking new i7-7700HQ/16GB Dell take more than 3 times as long to boot up as the Toshiba with far inferior specs? To top it off, I thought an m.2 drive on the PCIe bus with 4 lanes would easily top a SATA m.2 drive, let alone a 2.5 inch SATA SSD like the EVO.

I am running the latest BIOS (1.4.2). I installed newer Intel drivers for BT and the 8265 card from the Intel site. I also installed the 391 nVidia driver vs the 388 driver on the Dell support site. But otherwise, the drivers are what it downloaded on its on. Device manager looks good with no yellow triangles anywhere.

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Ehab Sultan
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Re: Brand new Inspiron 7577 slow m.2 drive

I have the same issue my new dell 7577 boot time for win 10 is (25 seconds) slower than my old n5010 (15 seconds) ; both have ssd. Please inform me if you found a solution to the problem

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