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Brand new dell 7577 pcie slot 1 degraded


I just bought a new dell 7577,I noticed that the graphic card was not running right,so I did a factory reset incase I had updated the drivers incorrectly.

Once the reinstall of Windows was under way it froze at 1%.

I ran a diagnostic and it told me that "pcie training error, link degraded, slot 1"

The guy on the phone at dell support is trying to get me to re install windows via USB. Am I wasting my time? Could it be a simple software issue that has compounded with the inability to reload window,or is it a hardware problem? I know that they will try and get me to do everything else first over the phone before discussing repair. Or is he on to it?
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Re: Brand new dell 7577 pcie slot 1 degraded

Hi Turdbo,

Thanks for posting. It appears you may have more than one issue here.  Were you having a problem with your computer prior to updating the drivers?  Normally a driver update is not needed unless you are experiencing an issue.  Just curios as to why the update?

As for the reinstall, it is possible you might have a corrupted installation media.  Are you installing from a disk? USB? or some other device?

Here is an article from the Dell Knowledgebase that addresses the error message you received.

It is required that the agents troubleshoot issues over the phone prior to discussing any type of repairs.  You said you ran a diagnostic.  Here is the link to the Dell Diagnostics.

Post back so the experts here can assist further.  Thanks.

Dell-Robert P

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Re: Brand new dell 7577 pcie slot 1 degraded

Hi Robert,

Thank you for your reply.

I noticed a game I was playing was very low in the FPS department. Upon investigating I found that for what ever reason the max q gtx 1060 wasnt working and the factory graphics card was playing the game.

I read online that my driver's may need updating so I installed geforce experience and updated the drivers. This however did not fix the problem. I then decided to remove the installed drivers and start afresh, that's when I started to get a blue screen every time I turned on the pc. So I decided from there to just do a restart and start afresh using the option to factory restart built into the pc.

When I attempted this,it failed and now I have a new laptop with no windows installed and the original problem. I will attempt bro reload windows via USB tonight as per instruction from the guy on the phone. But I have read that the pcie mite be the problem?
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Re: Brand new dell 7577 pcie slot 1 degraded


Apologies that your system is not working as expected after trying the re-install.  Please continue working with Tech Support to resolve your issue.  I'm sure you have this information already, but here it is again in case there are others reading this post.

You can contact Tech Support at 1-800-624-9896  or 1-800-288-4410, or you can initiate a chat session http://dell.to/2v4snVm

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