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Broken display replacing with monitor

I have a 5577 gaming . My screen is damaged . The battery is also dead .

I am planning to use the device like a PC stationary. 
so is there a way i can connect my monitor to direct cpu 30 pin slot - and not through HDMI ? So that i can utilise my 1050 graphic card and not intel. 

i saw this product 


can i use this to connect my 30 pin ribbon and then use HDMi to this ? 
has anyone ever tried this ? I couldn’t find any resources on this


also if no that adapter , can someone guide me with this arrangement?

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No -- you cannot use anything like that.  If the broken display is still recognized, you can use an external monitor, but the system will not POST without a functional built in display.



I wouldn’t say broken , 

Its in q conditions of loose connect on lcd side : by that i mean i can see the display by giving it a twist and holding the display at certain point , else it shows graphical lines or fading image. 

another point to your , you said it wouldn’t work at all if builtin display is not there - i saw a video where he made his laptop to a desktop … retrofitted few things 


my goal is to replace the builtin display with direct output to HDMI 🥲 

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You'll have to ask the person who published the video.  On most Dell systems, you must have a recognized, OEM screen in order for the system to complete the power on self test.  That may not be the case with models from other manufacturers.

If the screen is still detected by the system as it exists, you'd be better off just using an HDMI monitor. 

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