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Bubble in Inspiron 15 5000

A lot of bubbles appears inside screen what to do ?


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If this a new PC, is there a piece of plastic protecting film covering the screen that has to be removed?


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It looks like they're between the glass and the LCD -- the seal must have broken. 

The only permanent solution is to replace the display assembly.

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Think of this:

Add up all the bubbles and that is the amount of a very sticky and possible toxic liquid that is leaking internally.

Please be very careful if you try the repairs yourself.

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While the fluid inside an LCD can be toxic if inhaled or ingested, it's also quite dense.  These bubbles look like they're rising, not falling as the fluid inside the screen would do because if its density.

I suspect they're air, and that the seal between the front glass and LCD has been breached.

At any rate, the design of the system means the entire assembly needs to be replaced, so you won't be taking it apart internally.  

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