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C state disabling impact?

Hello. I have recently been using my old inspiron e7240 as my daily driver. I had to get the battery replaced as it would not charge. I started to hear an intermittent buzzing noise when my computer was idle/light use. I did research and discovered that the cause of the problem was having C state enabled. I went into the bios and disabled it, and the noise completely stopped.

However, I want to know if this will have consequences. I could not find anywhere how much this would actually impact battery life - does anyone know? I will just be using this laptop for word processing, which I assume is light enough work to have C state help.

I also want to know if there is another solution to allow me to keep C state on but eliminate the noise that it causes.


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There is literally no send button on the private messaging. I press enter and it just goes down a line so I cannot reply with my service tag and since you sent it in private I do not feel like I should then post it into this public thread.

What is C-state ????   Never heard of it.


From what I know it is a system for saving battery when the processor is idle or very light use. It lowers voltages etc. This can result in a buzzing noise when enabled and at low usage. Disabling it in the BIOS stops this noise, but I have no idea how much battery I am sacrificing for that.

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C state is advanced power management mode for allowing the PC to sleep in better power saving modes. Disabling this feature in bios simply means that the OS has less options in saving power draw. 


Hey - thanks for the reply. Do you know how much this would actually impact battery life. The laptop is mainly used for word and youtube etc.

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