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C-states tecnology trouble in G3 15

I have a Dell g3 3579 with Core I5 ​​8300H and a GeForce GTX 1050 4GB. Approximately two months ago I noticed that the C-states technology, which allows my CPU to go into "sleep mode", made my PC extremely uncomfortable to use.

I'm a programmer who loves to work at night, and I discovered that when this BIOS feature turned on - my PC makes really strange sounds like a matrix printer (Sound sample). This sound really embarras me during my work. And this sound cames only when I work on my laptop with a charger (More precisely, When the CPU core voltage is higher than 1.15 volts).
And what's interesting, when I turned off C-states control in BIOS - this sound gone!

Here are my questions for community / Admins:

1. Is this trouble so important?

2. What do i need to do with this sound?

3. How the C-ststes control technology disabling affects baterry life (C-states saves baterry charge)

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Re: C-states tecnology trouble in G3 15

Hi Sonik_Master,


Thanks for posting, apologies that your system is not performing as you expected.


After listening to your recording, I can barely hear it over the television noise in the background, so apparently it doesn't sound loud enough to be a concern, and is working as designed.


If the sound is louder than conversations in a normal room, or classroom, or a restaurant, then more troubleshooting may become necessary.



Dell-Robert P
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