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Can I use two different ram stick brands at the same time?

So I have a DELL G3 3579 and I want to upgrade from 8 GB of ram to 16 GB of ram. Since I wanted this, I did a lot of research finding the compatible ram type and specs. After I did, I had a question. Since I'm using the one 8GB default factory chipset/ram stick, I have one extra slot available. Is it ok if I use the default factory ram stick and a Kingston HyperX Impact 8 GB ram at the same time or should I install and use two identical Kingston HyperX Impact 8 GB (8x2) ram sticks and use those instead? Note: I want to save as much money as possible so if it's possible to use two different brands of ram at the same time, I may just buy the individual 8 GB Kingston HyperX Impact ram stick

DELL G3 3579 RAM type: 2666MHz DDR4 260-Pin SODIMM 

Please reply back if you can help me or if you need any additional info!


P.S: I didn't know what location/topic this belonged to so sorry if I had it wrong

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