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Can i replace network card with another?

I have dell inspiron 3421 having network card dw1704 802.11 b/g/n and i am willing to change it with another .Will there be any problem with networking ?
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Re: Can i replace network card with another?

I’ve swapped WiFi cards on multiple Dell systems and have never had an issue. Unlike some other vendors, Dell doesn’t restrict systems to certain WiFi cards. The DW1704 is a dual antenna, mPCIe half-height card, so I’d recommend the Intel Wireless-AC 7260HMW as a replacement. It’s the best mPCIe WiFi card that was made before everything switched to the newer M.2/NGFF connector type. Make sure you get the HMW model, not the NGW model, and also make sure you get the Wireless-AC model, since there’s also a Wireless-N 7260HMW that only supports 802.11n rather than 802.11ac. I don’t know why Intel used the same model code for two different cards with very different capabilities, but they did, so be careful.
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