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Can my Inspiron 15 3000 (3567) be upgraded? Extremely slow

I purchased the Inspiron 15 3000 series (3567) which has a i3-6606U processor with 4GB DDR4 ram.

This is the slowest computer I have ever used. When I (mouse) click on a icon (like to start Chrome, or open a program (Word, etc.)) it takes more than 5 seconds for anything to happen. Many times I think the "click" was not firm enough or didn't get recognized, so I click again. Then 5 or 6 seconds later two of the same programs open. Even doing Ctrl+Alt+Del is slow to open.

First I thought there might be some faulty/damaged software responsible, so I reformatted the hard drive and loaded Windows 10 fresh install. However the computer is still as slow. There is no way this is normal or acceptable. I should have returned it when I first bought it, but I don't use the laptop much (at first just for trips) so it was not something at the top of my to-do list. But I can't continue to use the laptop like this - 

  • Is there a possibility of upgrading to a faster processor?
  • Is there possibly a Dell trade-in program where I could upgrade that way to a more usable computer?
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Reinstalling Windows 10 means that you need to reinstall all the drivers starting with the chipset.

Then after that you need to go online and check for new Windows 10 updates.


You should have asked before doing something that probably wasn't necessary.



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Yes well, an I3 with a spinner hard drive is slow, very slow compared to an I7 with SSD. So what are your comparisons? if you want faster speed upgrade from a hard drive to a 2.5 SATA SSD that will give you the most noticeable speed increase But it will still be slow as I3 are only Dual processors without hyperthreading Very few notebooks are CPU upgraded able So you get what you pay for. I5 and 17 are faster and more expensive. SSD's are pretty much the same price as Hard drives nowadays and much faster and much more reliable. 4 GB of RAM is more than enough for simple things line internet email looking at pictures etc. Not sure that increasing RAM would gain you any speed with an I3 CPU.

an earlier Reply instructed you on installing hardware drivers without the correct drivers your notebook will crawl along searching for drivers that it needs to perform. Installing Chipset drivers is very important since you didn't when you first installed Windows 10 you may have to use a special process to get them to install. You should start with the correct driver's supplies by Dell for your particular notebook. 

To get this information you need to log on to support, enter your model number and most importantly Enter your Service Tag Number. 

That will open all the hardware information on your Particular notebook, You should download and read your Service Manual there you will find out how to open your notebook and see how to upgrade your hard drive for a 
SSD the download section will have all your hardware drivers install them all. and your notebook should work lots better. But as I stated earlier an I3 CPU is never going to be fast.

As you stated if you weren't satisfied from the beginning you -probably had 30 days to return it for Replacement or refund depending on which retailer you purchased if from.

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I did all the Dell driver installations after installing Win10. I also ran the Dell troubleshooter - nothing found wrong.

There is no way this computer's slow response time can be considered normal, even for an i3.

Something is wrong. I'm just not sure if I should donate this laptop and move on to something else, or if it's worth the cost to take it to a repair facility.

I cant accept that the problem is a slow hard drive. But I have a spare 128GB SSD I could use. I looked a the service manual and it covers upgrading ram but nothing on replacing CPU. Is the CPU replaceable? If it is, will an i5 (or other) fit this MB?


Welcome to the Dell Community @CountryB 

Sorry but the CPU is soldered to the system board and cannot be upgraded.

For now try this???

Go to “Advanced System Settings”


Performance settings#3.PNG


In the “Performance” box click on “Settings”


Best Performance#4.PNG


Click on “Adjust for Best Performance”

Then click on “Apply”

Reboot and test.

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Open task manager, click on the performance tab and monitor the graphs during slowdown events. If the memory graph is pegged or is closed to being pegged, you'll need to add more memory. If disk access is constantly high, click on the processes tab and find out which program is constantly accessing the disk. If nether applies, you can try upgrading the hard drive to an SSD and see if loading times improve. Perhaps it's the lackluster OEM hard drive that was installed from the factory.

I also want to mention that my neighbor did buy a new Inspiron 3567 several months ago, and she wanted me to help set it up and transfer her files over from her old computer. I can say that her computer did seem to be a bit slow at first, but after all the Windows, application & driver updates, the computer did pick up speed. Hers came with the 7th Generation Core i3 clocked at 2.7 GHz and 8 GB of RAM.

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What model HDD do you have installed now???



Well I had this same problem on Intel i5 , so I basically couldn't figure out the reason for this but then I found 2 explanations
1) The speed of the processer (CPU)  in these models are really slow , maybe like 1.8GHz .
2) Its because of an anti virus which is preinstalled ( I don't want to mention its name) made my pc processer really slow and made even the start slow . Then I uninstalled it , was much better 

well this is what I found out in my experience.

A quad core processor should be more efficient at a lower frequency compared to a dual core operating at a higher frequency.

Antivirus programs do have a tendency to slow down the computer, but running on a modern system should not drastically reduce performance. I'd suggest that you upgrade the mechanical hard drive to a SSD to help speed up your system. With that antivirus installed, you'd probably wouldn't notice any slowdowns.

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My new 8GB Inspirion 15 3000 is running great for what it is! I do, however, fear that I will run out of room on the small, 256GB SSD. Can the ssd be upgraded or can I add another?

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