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Can't Update Integrated Webcam drivers after Win 10 update

I recently updated my skype on Inspirion 7347 and when I tried to run it I noticed that my camera or sound wasn't working.

Then I checked my camera app it wasn't working either.

I went into my device manager and noticed that the Integrated Webcam driver had a problem. I uninstalled it and restarted, but it still had the same problem. When I tried to update the driver, I got the message

"Windows encountered a problem installing the driver for your device" & "Windows found drivers for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install".

It's the same problem for Bluetooth driver.

When I try to run dell online it says "No driver updates found. Your system has the most recent updates."

So, I"m stuck. I can't update the driver because it says encountered error and so none of my application that use the camera are working.

Can anyone help me fix this problem? Thank you

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Re: Can't Update Integrated Webcam drivers after Win 10 upda

I am not sure of the camera make but a couple of sites to help. The first is the Microsoft Update Catalogue which has a wealth of drivers.



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Re: Can't Update Integrated Webcam drivers after Win 10 upda

Thank you. I'm not sure exactly what camera make.

How do I find out.

Missing driver > https://imgur.com/a/hlFL2VB

I did use product support and dell diagnostics and it says all drivers up to date, so obviously it's not detecting any issues, even though the problem is there.


My camera and everything was working great. It's mainly for Skype. I think it's the Windows and Skype update that messed something up.

The error I get when I click to update the driver >> https://imgur.com/a/8NCpgtT

I've read through tons of threads but no one gives a definite answer to this.




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Re: Can't Update Integrated Webcam drivers on Inspirion

It seems many people have the same issue, but there is no good solution. 

Please let me know how to update the driver so my webcam works.

Can't use Skype on my desktop.

Thank you.

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