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Can't access BIOS (Need Help)

I am upgrading my laptop to add an ssd. I cloned the hdd to the ssd and then had to enter the BIOS through the settings, as the F2 or F12 method doesn't work on boot for me. But I accidentally made it so it boots into Macrium Reflect (a free cloning software) and not windows so I am unable to re-enter the BIOS to change it back to the hdd or ssd. 

Does anyone have help???? I can't find anything on the web for this!?!?


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Re: Can't access BIOS (Need Help)

If you can get back into the BIOS there is a setting in the boot section to pause for 5 seconds that will give you plenty of time to Hit the F2 or F12 key. SSD boot much faster than hard drives you have to be fast to hit the F key using an SSD.

Try to hit the power button with your right hand and start spamming the f2 key at the same time or quickly after hitting the power button

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