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Changing User Name: *\Users\ChangeThis

For some reason, there is a name I don't recall setting.  Generally I use "Mike" for my \Users\Mike" storage location.  I think this was setup when I first configured the computer.

I just noticed it says something different: \Users\ipsco\  That is part of my email, but not a name I wish to use, for my default User folder.

How do I change "ipsco" to "Mike", so that everything that used the old location, will know of the new location.  I don't want to lose any installed programs, my current desktop, etc  I just wish "ipsco" to be "Mike" instead.

I have googled, this and it tells me to go to Control Panel, select accounts, then change name.  But there is no such "change name" link.



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Re: Changing User Name: *\Users\ChangeThis

This might help.


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Re: Changing User Name: *\Users\ChangeThis

Windows allows you to change your "display name" that appears on the login screen and a few other areas after the fact, but it does not provide a way to rename your profile folder.  I suspect the reason for that is that many applications will have configuration files and registry entries that point to your current path.  Technically they all should be pointing to locations within your profile folder by using a relative path that incorporates the Windows variable for this purpose, such as "%Userprofile%\Desktop" rather than "C:\Users\Mike\Desktop", but of course not every application follows best practices.  As a result, if you were to rename that folder, you'd likely find that a lot of things would break.  In fact, Windows would probably end up creating a brand new profile folder for you and then have no link between your user account and your original, renamed folder where all of your data was.

The only way to do this "properly" would be to delete your user profile folder and have Windows recreate it when you next log in, at which point Windows will name that folder based on your current display name -- but of course that requires backing up anything you don't want to lose beforehand and can still be a hassle because settings that live in the registry won't have been backed up.

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