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Charging Issue - Inspiron 15-3567

Hi everyone. Thanks for reading this.
Yesterday I was working on an essay in the living room if my apartment with my roommates. I got up to go get something from my room and tripped on the carpet. My laptop was knocked off where I had set it (on our side table) down about two feet, onto the left side of the laptop - the side with the charging port. The casing around the screen had come loose, but I pressed it back in carefully and other than a small chip at the top of the left corner, everything seemed fine.

However today I tried to plug it in to charge, and the light came on for about a second, then went off. Wiggling the cord doesn’t seem to help. I removed the battery and put it back in as well, which seemed to do nothing either. So I ran the diagnostic test when booting it up (which still does work perfectly fine, as does the screen display and seemingly everything else) and it gave me these details:

Product Name: Inspiron 15-3567
System Bios: 01.06.00
Service tag: [redacted]
ePSA: build 4304.14 UEFI ROM

See, I don’t know much about computers and don’t want to try opening it up. I don’t know what any of those codes mean or what to do.

I know my computer is still under warranty but I’m a college student and losing my laptop for a few weeks would sting. Is there any advice anyone could give me? I’m kind of freaking out right now. Thank you for reading this.
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Re: Charging Issue - Inspiron 15-3567

To be honest I think you may have damaged the charging port on the laptop but I would check the condition of the charger to be sure. (the pin connector maybe loose)

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